Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"


Nuff more t say XXD

This is mockery of mah peepul!

Thats my fave part :DDDDDD

mmm what will I name my web site

It has to be something funny like lo-cat but not something stupid like lo-cat.

This was a catsterpiece.

I loved all of the tiny jokes you hid throughout the episode, like how the browser was Meowzilla Catonfire and how Cat Face used an actual mouse as a cursor. My favorite of the cat images Cat Face made was the one that said "I am doing a difficult sum in my head". You should consider making an actual Cat Face site similar to his, it would definately increase popularity.

I was cracking up when Cat Face was arguing with Box Cat about taking the picture, it was a hilarious conversation. I am sad that this is the last Cat Face you have right now, I am eager to watch more from the series. You should also put the Cat Face theme song into the audio portal, I'm sure many people would like to download it. Anyway, keep up the great work!

monorail cat!!!

cat face! i luv it the way he flouts about! :3 lucky :S