Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"

I gave this submission a vote of "3"

ok, this is weak compared to your previous episodes. You need a better source of inspiration.


Catface could always play Minecraft.

Not funny.

Too bad Weebl continuous with CatFace. Its just not funny. Its true to never change a winning team, but putting effort in your animations is something else. I hope to see something original from you again!

It sucked

Animation ws good, but i'm going to be honest with ya
Cat Face is funny like a brick..
All good LOL's are totally raped by the Cat's dry monologue..
Just stick to the absurd stuff Weebl

I don't get it at all

Man Weebl, I love the most of your stuff, but I just won't get this whole catface thing, maybe it's because I'm German and the most funny thing about him is his voice or dialect or whatever but I just don't think it's funny, I didn't even grin during the episodes I watched so far. I just think it's pretty boring stuff.