Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"


HAHA! I was just passing through the portal and doing my usual "cleanup" whenever I'm online and I stumbled upon this. I thought it was a series as in "you cant see it if your didn't see the first" but I had to click on it, since it would obviously get passed. Knowing you guys you don't have a preloader, so when I hit play I was hooked in. As a bonus, it had LOLCATS! LOLCATS! AHHHAHA L0L. Love the art, and the smoothness like your other flashes. "It has to be catchy, like LOLcats, but not stupid, like LOLcats" I just lol'd. I love the fullscreen mode, that is my favorite thing on Newgrounds, even though only 1 (2 if you include Wonchop or Weebl .vice versa. IDFK) artist does it. So smooth, it's not laggy or doens't have "Youtube/camera squares". As if you apply this flash to the widescreen mode, great work! I'll watch the other ones in the series so I can "catz up" on this beloved series (bad pun, oh well :3).


cat face is so cool 11/10 6/5


"It has to be catchy, like lolcats, but not stupid, like lolcats"
XD this was pure awesomeness. I'm sure if cats could talk, this is what they would say. This just kept me laughing.

Pussy cat Pussy cat i love you....

whats new pussycat?


I know, I am a cat, yes.
You are epic.