Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"


About time a cat complains about the mockery of their people. Very nice voice and interesting animation. For a sec I thought he was going to start a flame war and do "LoL Humans" or something. I hope to see more from you.

The bad reviewers are crazy...

Cat Face is awesome, sophisticated humor. LOL But seriously, it is amazing!


Well if you are going to be stubborn i will paparazzi you! CatFace is the best cat in the WORLD!


yes he is a cat


Catface is as epic as usually. But today was a bit fail.. I don't know but catface is a serie you'll only watch once and then its not fun anymore. There is somethin missin. The jokes are awesome and the british/scottish accent is prolly sum of the greatest of the show. Anyhow, I love your work keep it up!

All Hail Catface..!

TheWeebl responds:

So it's awesome but not awesome? What?