Reviews for "Cat Face ep.13"

Good Vid

First, I want to say good morals, there was nothing dirty in the vid, and you encouraged safe clean internet usage, Kudos, also I thought it was really funny, it did'nt seem like other movies where cats are trying to take over the world, or, on the other hand where cats have no brain, but it was basically a middle-class cat who is normal and is having a fun time, keep on going! :-)

Haha, Very nice.

"it has to be catchy... like LOLCats, but not stupid... like LOLCats."
Great XD

I fell out of my chair...

I was giggling so hard. XD


"Kids tell your friends because it will make you smart. I should know im a cat"

Lol i love lolcat

I assure you

Cats are meant to be LOLed at. What do you think Cat Face IS? A cat... to be LOLed at.