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Reviews for "Mouse Adventures 3"

Level Return

It wasn't working
I hit all the buttons and nothing happened
also the atomic bomb one was way too hard
I had to cheat
well it was ok
not very original but more interesting than others

andryeb responds:


Originality pl0x.

The mouse avoider has been done. Too much. I'd love to see you make something original. The levels were cool, though. A few more would've been great.

Nice that you put music in it, but I missed a mute button.

Ok then...

I do appreciate mouse-avoider-games, and I see not all your reviews are terribly positive, so I'll be optimistic. I'm not sure the music was the best choice for this kind of game, but you were funny. I liked the 5-second level for its randomness... actually, most of them were as such. ;)

it was ok...

i knda enjoyed it the art style was nice but thats the only reason i kept on playing...

andryeb responds:


Not bad

The game was alright not my cup of tea but some people might enjoy it and i like that you fixed the right click cheat.