Reviews for "dommi-fresh's dangerous jim"

Good, bloody fun!

As always Jouste, great piece. I really like the characterization and life you put into dommi's character, and this trade as a whole was an excellent idea. The only thing I might wanna recommend is, of course, changing the rating on this.

I'm sure some 10-year-old boy doesn't want to click on this with his mom in the room, hehe.

jouste responds:

wow thanks for pointing that out guru.

*fixes rating*

i would hate to see anyone get in trouble for checking out my stuff. i'm just so use to drawing stuff everyone can check out i must have forgotten.

thanks for the high score pal! always great to hear from you.


Simply awesome

What do you use to the line? Its very thin an at the same time its looks amazing...
You have an admirable style, this is not my favorite illustration of you but theres others that make me crazy...

jouste responds:

hey juan!

the lines are all done on a wacom tablet in sketchbook pro with the pen tool at 300dpi. i make sure my lines are clean and together so i can color via selection in photoshop quickly and easily.

hope that answers your question!

i really like your stuff btw. the district 9 hominid was totally awesome. and your style is a lot of fun.

thanks for the favorable review! :D

not a alien but still a 10:D

nothing to say bad of this and as always his face is just epic and this time i don't hate his feet:P have you use my advise to let the blood drop of the sword or not? and th =e face of the shark he look scared is that right?futher the hat the clothes really a hunter and on his back the shark really really cool 10/10 5/5

jouste responds:

that's right!

that shark is super scared. but can you blame him? dangerous jim just charged at him in the water with a machete! D:

thanks for the high score dutch! i'm glad you liked the picture so much!



I really have nothing to say about how awesome this pic is. its all been said and done. All I can say is that you can really see the anger in his eyes. And I believe that in shark hell the sharks saying "oh snap! Now whats he going to do with my body?"

jouste responds:

haha totally!

that's exactly what the shark's disembodied head is saying :D. thanks for the 10 pal! glad you liked it! it's all dommi-fresh's guy though, he brought it all out in his original piece!


so amazing

o need to go clean my self now, i have soiled my pants

jouste responds:


careful now. pants can get pricey. whenever i'm checking out stuff that i know is gonna be pretty neat i always take off my pants first.

thanks for the high score!