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Reviews for "'12 Artifical Intelli Rmx"

Both below, you're wrong. This song is breathtaking, even though the beat is sort of repetitive, it is disguised by the choir and original music (which is techno'd pretty well) The original was slow and had to build a bunch, but this is a much needed alternative that gets right to the point. REMIX EVERYTHIIIING! :D

Peter, I salute you

You've remastered my #1 favourite song of yours and injected it with liquified epicness.
If you can still remember my review for the original (on the 10th page of comments as of now) I'd like to add that this is more fit for a trailer of some kind. Hell, I'd be cheering for you if you would ever get a chance like that.
All I can still say is that despite there haven't been that much uploads, your music keeps improving. May your talent continue to bloom and may your dreams become a reality.

-Horakoeri (still a big fan of your music)

Simply amazing as always dude, hope you don't mind my crew using it for our work in progress.
We used the original to preview "Rambo Revisited", I can definitely see this in the final parody vid preview...end it with style, lol

Perfect for the game credits or every Battlefield 3 match end results, amazing!
My favorite songs from you are the epic themed like the original version of this remix and Apocalypse 2012, please keep making more epic songs man, they rule! Good work!
Favorited & Downloaded 5/5 & 10/10

Dude, this song is freaking awesome! I don't even understand what's going on, but it's fantastic! There just always appears to be something new and crazy going on in this. I think it mostly has a technological side to it. It just sets itself out so well as being ambitious. I can certainly hear some angelic voices in this.

It's just offering so much at the same time. I have never seen AI, but have heard it's pretty good. It's nice for anyone to make anything this great out of it. I guess it's a better version of another better version! I love the wonder this song brings you. You are truly a talented guy! I can see why Jazza loves this so much.