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Reviews for "'12 Artifical Intelli Rmx"

Simply amazing as always dude, hope you don't mind my crew using it for our work in progress.
We used the original to preview "Rambo Revisited", I can definitely see this in the final parody vid preview...end it with style, lol

Damn, that's a good song. Very epic. The heavy electronic percussion fits great with the more atmospheric orchestral tones. Also I like the combination of the synthesizers with the brass section. Both very gritty. I've listened to the original as well. It surprised me a little this song hasn't got a very different mood than the earlier one. This one is a bit more intense and fits an action scene better. Also both versions combine electronic instruments with orchestral. The remix isn't actually better than the original in my opinion, just a nice twist. More of something good is never bad. The choir also sounds really great. Although of all the instruments I think it's the least realistic. But choirs are really hard to make sound right with samples. So it's good you could make them sound like this.

Peter, I salute you

You've remastered my #1 favourite song of yours and injected it with liquified epicness.
If you can still remember my review for the original (on the 10th page of comments as of now) I'd like to add that this is more fit for a trailer of some kind. Hell, I'd be cheering for you if you would ever get a chance like that.
All I can still say is that despite there haven't been that much uploads, your music keeps improving. May your talent continue to bloom and may your dreams become a reality.

-Horakoeri (still a big fan of your music)

Damn, you just took it to the next level.

i think your intent is right here, peter! I'd immagine a film intro where you imerge into a city or lab where an i.a. is build piece by piece. This is just stunning and i love it. Reading below i'd just say that the original has it's beauty ad this one, this one is more tecnologic and i guess this is what you wanted, right?
keep it up i really enjoy your music!