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Reviews for "D-Day Defender"


You go in thinking "Bah! I can hold off the inevitable! Just watch me!" but no, eventually it gets you. I liked how it got quieter just before you ran of of health, and then the planes come in, and then the mournful music starts...
Great game, really sticks out from other wave-based shooters.

Just wow.

I loved this game.

50 hours :D

Great Game

We often forget that the Germans were not all Nazis during this time.
We often forget that they are TOO human beings, fighting for what they believe in.
May the dead of both sides rest in peace, for they have paid the ulimate price to fight for their belief...


Reminds me of Band of Brothers, in fact, im going to watch it again.
Fantastic game, great melody at the end 5/5.


best defense game I've ever played.