Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

A Sad Game that comemmorates WWII

This is a great defense/shooting game that not only offers some bit of fun by shooting the crap out of other people, but portrays messages. This includes the messages of the violence of wars and has you empathizes with the Germans, even though they are our enemies.
The piano music that plays when you are about to die is a really nice touch and adds the element of sadness and hopelessness when you do die.
The sound effects of bombs and bullets contribute to the theme as well.
Some things you could add are more touches of realism, like better backgrounds or the lot of dead bodies on the ground.

Nicely done.

Walking into this I was expecting yet another simple defender game. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting this to be dull and pointless. I was taken by surprise when the first in-game clip kicked in when I had killed 100 enemy soldiers. The narration was excellent and the way they played out simply stellar. I kept going just because I wanted to see what else might happen, and to my surprise I kept going because I felt like that unknown German defender. Kudos on a job well done and the music selection was powerful and added a sort of meaning to the game.

Great Game

The piano music was sad, poor Germans :(


86 hours, not bad, though I've got 102.
Very good game, and great music, very..
Anyway, thank you for creating awesomeness.
I'm gonna give it 5 for a week, just for you :)

Pretty good

I got upto day 5 was a good game could be better with upgrading gun but hey it is a tough game to play.