Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Not only a game, it's art

this is a game with a good concept and game play and voice overs, but the only thing i didn't like were the lack of upgrades and no saving.

it's a fine game, but lacks a lot of things like upgrades, partners and other weapons

Piss poor difficult curve, no ranking up or new weapons. Meh.

Simple yet smooth animations. easy game play although the feeling of inevitable doom is both discomforting and revealing onto how the lone German soldier must have felt on that day,

Graphical content 7.5/10; Has a very basic style but is very appealing, some of the death animations made the soldiers look like rubber though.

Game play 6.5/10: Gets a little repetitive, some character progression may have alleviated this. The concept is beautiful in its simplicity but perhaps too basic in experience.

Game experience 8.5/10: The narrative aspect of the game did well to shed some empathy on the German perspective of the war. The ethical background of that is up to you but their opinion and experiences did exist and are worth while to hear out. The game requires little skill though, not leaving you entirely satisfied

Worth the play, perhaps twice. I would question playing this in consecutive days. My remark is that it is can be summarized as an aesthetically pleasing shooter with some refreshing spins on war by trying to create an understanding of the harshness one lone soldier felt in his death.