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Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Lol don't add cut-scenes that try to intensify this game when It's very inaccurate.

Doesn't work.

Well, seeing as how I am the first commenter in a while, and I won't be burried under a thousand comments. I just wanted to say this was a brilliant game, great music, great voice acting, the descriptions used, the mechanics, the motar strikes and repairs were not over powered, the history lesson, EVERYTHING. Thank you for making this awesome game, you deserved that front page from so long ago, I hope this game does not go forgotten...but it would seem like that... anyways, I just wanted to thank you again for this, and I hope that you have a good life.
PS: Great choice of words inbetween the battle.

fun and games

To nbomb. most of the casualties at normandy were on omaha beach. There were at least four bunkers on omaha. The only fault I see with the game is that the bunkers weren't on cliffs and there were no vehicles. Also there was more obstacles on the beaches.