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Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Doesn't work. Tried Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Just a white rectangle. Chrome managed to play an ad before it took a nosedive.

I guess this one needs some coding work.

Sounds cool. I'm looking forward to being able to play.

Can't seem to get past 26 hours, but pretty well done nonetheless. There were heroes on both sides of the war.

guys did you notice a cross thats the gunner i think :( sad the soldiers that landed must have buried him by the way good game but work on the new update there were no tanks but there were ships shooting at that beach and no jeeps there were no fighter-bombers and there were more then one HMG or MG42 and send more men if you update to have like 2 or more HMGs work on it. giving this 4 stars i would give 5 if you do better in this game.

medals arent working any more...

rightclick and hit play to start. For some reason it's on loop by default and that leads to a white screen.