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Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Fun game

So you have a fun game here with lots of fun and nifty medals some easy ones to some hard ones but thats what makes the game fun, animations graphics and style of this game was pretty fun and most of all an entertaining game, also congrats on the awards well deserved. I found this to be a pretty decent flash even found it Dazzling at times, It did however have some ups and downs but nothing that couldnt be improved with some fixes here and there, even suggested a few ideas above, besides that it was pretty good, hope to see more. There was some stuff that could be better but for the mostpart I liked it and im pretty sure others will too.

Now this is not perfect by any means but this is also one of those types of submissions that you dont need to ad any changes, upgrades and so fourth because you braught your A game.


The game doesn't start for me. I read in the comments that you had to right click it, but I'm on a mousepad.

Too luck reliant. Engineer bonuses should be less random and mortar should instantly kill tanks, too.

This is an absolutely great game. I love the story of the Lone German Gunner holding his ground against an endless (literally!) wave of enemies. Not too difficult either, just the right amount of challenge.

it is really great but you have to press right click to start the game, fix that