Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

This is an absolutely great game. I love the story of the Lone German Gunner holding his ground against an endless (literally!) wave of enemies. Not too difficult either, just the right amount of challenge.

it is really great but you have to press right click to start the game, fix that

A tragic (albeit fun) game of defending a beach for your army. Although you'll never quite win, you'll be remembered.
The tone of this game is actually fitting, and so is the narration. Ideas where you're a German soldier instead of a US/British/Canadian soldier running into the beach with several bullets flying at them, you're the enemy they say you are.

This is why I give the game a 5/5.

A nice tribute for the fallen soldiers of world war 2, I like this game puts you in the place of a Geman soldier defending the beach, quite a different perspective from other war games, nicely done.

The game works, you just need to right click and click play. Coding issues, y'know?