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Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

Good game.

It was pretty fun, all around good game, but I was a little disappointed in not getting the medals I earned. Get that fixed, and a few other small glitches in the game, and it should be perfect.

Great for its statement, not its gameplay.

This game is great. It is a masterpiece. It's not here to give you great gameplay, it's here to say something. Not every war is made up of good guys and bad guys, and not every war has a dark side and light side. You play a a simple german soldier, staving off the Allied invasion. Instead of actual detailed figures, the author places the enemies as dark shapes. This is again, fitting with the message. You can't think of the dark shapes aren't human, and if you don't kill them, they'll kill you. What I really liked was how the music started playing as you were about to die. It was very touching, but I would have hoped that the health powerups be emitted in favor of just more overall HP, as having the music play about 5 times throughout a battle can remove the touching element to it. I would take this over Call of Duty or Medal of Honor anyday. This actually has something behind it, and everything is symbolic. Contrary to popular opinion, I thought the cinematics during gameplay were nice, and fit in well. This wasn't much of a game, but more an interactive movie. In a game, there is an ending, but you can choose when that ending comes. In this game, the waves get very steep, very fast. You know you will lose, and you will probably anticipate it when it happens. The little cutscenes and the music just add to this. 10 Stars.

heck yeah

The thing I love the most is soft music that plays when you're about to die, they should incorporate that into more "last stand scenarios"


Alright so the game itself... could use a bit of work. i got to 72 hours and by that time i had a plane permanently stuck in the side of the cliff and.. a mysterious grey box floating in the sky. But that aside, the game gave a good take on the war. The music fit perfectly. Makes you realize that allot of people from both sides found themselves stuck in a war zone where they were forced to fight or die. There wasn't any way of putting on the brakes, once the invasion started... people had no chance of peace.

where are the medals

Its a good game and yes it gets boring after a while you should have added a variety of weapons to the game , and the bug in not getting the medals must be fix soon