Reviews for "D-Day Defender"

heck yeah

The thing I love the most is soft music that plays when you're about to die, they should incorporate that into more "last stand scenarios"


Alright so the game itself... could use a bit of work. i got to 72 hours and by that time i had a plane permanently stuck in the side of the cliff and.. a mysterious grey box floating in the sky. But that aside, the game gave a good take on the war. The music fit perfectly. Makes you realize that allot of people from both sides found themselves stuck in a war zone where they were forced to fight or die. There wasn't any way of putting on the brakes, once the invasion started... people had no chance of peace.

where are the medals

Its a good game and yes it gets boring after a while you should have added a variety of weapons to the game , and the bug in not getting the medals must be fix soon


Very good game, really enjoyed it.
I like how theres alot ov medals to be acomplished
7/10 for me

it didnt give me the...

MEDALS i got and over all it was boring