Reviews for "DBZ Sprite Fight 1"

ok for begginer

the animation is fairly smooth and the music works well but the lack of speed, sound effects, and any real story cause you to lose major points in my book, 5/10

General Review

Animation - 7/10
The Animation was well, moderate at the most. It would be better if you provided a decent backround for the fight. Also, the fight was somewhat choppy for me.

Music - 10/10
Mad props for the music, Bruce Faulconerhas some great skills and I want to see more from him.

Fight Scene - 5/8
For me, the fight scene was a little cliche, but thats not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it a great thing. Playing it safe can save the flash, but not being original in the fight can also damage the score.

Overall Score - 7

Pretty Good

worthy of an A+, without a doubt. animation is reasonably smooth, the fight is well-planned. keep up the good work.


It was okay. I know you were working with the sprites, but the animations didn't need to be AS choppy as they were, you could've just sped them up to mask it. Also, there should have been a background.

By the way, what kind of school project would allow something like this? You must've had incredibly broad guidelines.

very slow

nothing to special, and there floating..