Reviews for "DBZ Sprite Fight 1"


From what I know a Super Sayian 3 surpasses a Super Sayian right? So umm my question is why exactly did someone of the magnitude 3 or greater lose to someone as low as that? Makes no sense to be honest. :( Music was alright and the graphics were choppy with no sound effects or background.

Needs work.

I was expecting more out of this film. Keep trying though.

Seems unfinished

Some issues:
1. White background/ no setting
2. Slow paced
3. No SFX
4. Music doesn't seem to fit a DBZ fight like this well
5. Animation could be better

Wasn't really that interesting or entertaining overall. Keep trying.

Could use some work

The sprites were too slow. Try using pivot next time, also it doesn't stay with the whole Dragon Ball Z thing. It just wasn't a fan's taste... Try the pivot thing

As if

Please, we all know that Vegeta, no matter how hard he trained or how hard he tries he will never beat Goku. That is just a well known fact. Still, nicely done, but it would've been better with SFX and some backgrounds.