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Reviews for "BO: The Secret of Steel"


great game, but the bloody hills are as near to an impossible level without dukes of hell involved. You keep getting swarmed.

Great game

Great Game. I would suggest: Don't make jumping directional - if you jump, you jump UP not up and forward (too many a time did I miss jump attacks and/or fell down a hole with the current system); get rid of the impale special/finisher - this really screws you over since by the time you're finished you're surrounded by guys whom you would have otherwise had time to push down a hole; On the gorge of death level - get rid of the "don't jump" sign bit (or put it BEFORE the really long fight). There are probably more things that need improvement but I have yet to finish the game.

best barbarian game ever

except for the plataeu of entropy..too hard :D and u should include upgrades and better weapons in ur next game and i have a name for it :D (BO2:The Uber Sword)its a good title and include upgrades too please 10/10 5/5


This game is one of the best I've played on NG. The controls are really basic, (which is a plus for a lazy person like me), but not too basic that it gets boring and the bosses are extremely easy once you find out the pattern to kill them. I also like that you can replay levels that you've beaten already. Great Job! =]

this is a great game but granny summercamp is...

utterly ridiculous i so badly feel the need to give you a 1 for how much youv'e put the battle in her favor, im not complaining because i cant beat her because i had trouble with the other bosses too, but not this much because this one is just too much for one: the sword timing its not that big a deal to me but when you miss once she's ready to attack right when you get up and swinging again wont help because your barbarian takes so long to swing his sword. you get hit once your gettin hit 2 more times. Two: why does a witch have cocktail molotivs? again if you get hit by one of these your getting hit by the next, and knocked into the flames where your health is going all the way down or to the point where one more hit takes you out. three: why the fuck can she throw them so fast when shes down to a last hit? you can NOT dodge them because it runs you right into the fire. i dont even know if i want to take another whack at her now. other then that stupid bitch with a pole comeing out of her ass, this game was okay.