Reviews for "Mastermind 4"


THIS DESERVES 10000000/10!!!


THis defiantly deserves a half an hour or rather I guess its now a 15min spot on adult swim I would so tune in for this weekly lol
great job hopefully you make some new ones I've been watching this over and over for years now I think lol
great stuff!

if you think about it...

every evil boss in history does the same supid thing... ask something completely irrelevant and then shoot the first asshole who answers the question, still funny because it's true

ur fkn hilarious

i love the ending "What? I FKN LOVE PAPER!" good job bro

Best thing on newgrounds

i loved every second of it but my top 2 moments were with the cat and the very end and the "What?. I F***ing love paper." absolutely perfect. I literally watch it every time I get on NG which happens to be about every night now lol, and its still funny. Bravo