Reviews for "madness combat the savior"

hahaha wow

good work, its looks really good

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks again bailstuh


go madness day

dommi-fresh responds:

ha ha madness day is long gone now!

f*cking awesome

Jesus meets Kill Bill = awesome

dommi-fresh responds:

jesus meets kill bill? thats like that robot chicken sketch have you seen that one? have you seen robot chicken? thanks for writing btw

Reminds me of...

This one reminds me of a Shirt of a friend. There was a Jesus with a Shotgun (and a lot of other Weapons) - And it said "Peacemaker" ;)

I like the style!

dommi-fresh responds:

thats a cool sounding shirt man ... i want one


excellent piece of work. i don't suppose you could do one of the clown?

dommi-fresh responds:

i most certainly could