Reviews for "madness combat the savior"

it's great!

love your work:D

dommi-fresh responds:

i love you :D


i love this pic, it do have some lose ends but i can live with that.
10/10 5/5 ;D

dommi-fresh responds:

it do? it do!? it ok! me understand.

Love the newground based art.

Saw a review that said he was too short... It's Jesus not Kareem Abu Jabar. Since, everyone was tiny in the ole days, especially Jesus.. Everyone thought walking on water was a miracle...no, jesus was just tiny like a water bug.

dommi-fresh responds:

tom thumb? more like jesus


SWEEEET I used to love madness but it's getting a bit bland for me now this is amazazing it seems like you will never pass up a chance to cover someone in blood. Nice work on the shadow too

dommi-fresh responds:

i take a blood shower twice a day like everyone else.


awsum work, one thing though, doesnt he wear a trench coat?

dommi-fresh responds:

not to my knowledge... i can't remember but i don't think so.