Reviews for "Slimey's Lunch Time"


This was a lot of fun
Simple, yet challenging
Good artwork/audio
Great animations
10/10, 5/5


Awesome game, enjoyed it alot! was really fun
10/10, audio was a lil crap but nothing that bad, nice animations and everything

Nice game

Simple but fun just what a game should be


+Fun and catchy
+Great choice of music

+/-Simplicity blended from the art and presentation

-A bit slow paced
-No sense of difficulty, accomplishment, or immersion.

Overall, it was not bad!

4/5 (+0.5 bonus for the new concept)

TudiRad responds:

Thanks for the feedback mewtwo. Regarding the sense of difficulty, the game was initially 60 seconds, which me and the developer thought was a perfect timer to start with. However, I noticed people were thrown off by the fact they would run out of time before they learned how to really play the game, so I increased the timer to 90. If you learn how to play it correctly, 90 seconds is more than enough.

It also gets a bit faster at higher levels when you have to really watch your timer and avoid grannies that give you -7 seconds on the clock. Munch 3-4 of those bastards at a time and you're screwed :)

This wasn't bad. I admit that I wouldn't quite recommend it. It did get pretty repetitive. There aren't really any threats. I still praise this for having some original material to it. It really is a pretty interesting idea. I like how you don't have to wait for your mouth to stop eating.

You can eat as many people as you want. I like the idea of this purple alien eating people. The music is fairly good. It's nice to just see how far you can get. There isn't much difference with the areas, though.