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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

pretty good, but....

AH MY EYES! *covers eyes cuz of the flashy part near the end*


I loved reading the signs, and the game itself was okay, but I didn't find this abstact at all. You tried too hard at that, but I recognized that some of the levels were supposed to symbolize something in your life.So, it was decent.

somebody still loves you

I thought it was really good, a bit asldkfflghlt;ilaskdfja;lghaq;wla at the end with all the noise, and you cant actually read all the signs, but good!


what on EARTH have you made?! at first I thought you were just going to blend into retro. I was getting a ToeJam&Earl sense from the changes for a while but then I think you broke my brain and I have no words for what I experienced next, but I swear to you, had I been a weaker soul I may have cried experiencing the twisted undead sights and sounds that began to eminate from this screen... *shuddering*

awesome. you rock. 8.


its a bugy bugy game and the hero is shit