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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

Pretty cool

It wasn't to bad. The thought behind it was cool. It was a little boring though.

great game

awesome, good story,
and, Paryl, that graphic change was part of the game, read the signs next time

pretty cool

its different how you chose to do this game with the graphics decent at beginning then they get horrible at end i liked it lol. and to those giving it a bad score because of graphics get a grip thats how the game is made and suppose to be.


I like how it slowly goes from good graphics to bad but i think the signs should still be readable near the end

just an artist could express the way i fell *cry*

this game is really good, you know? it has a nice story, and a cool perspective of what artist look the world like, right? all full of possible new paitings, or some very pixelated moments, and the way the WHOLE games goes into like a time tunnel, from awesome graphics to the good ´ol graphics that look like the ones from the ATARI 2600 (R.I.P.) and also the music is pretty cool

what i liked the most from the game, was the little story "narrated" by the signs, the bad part is that at the end, it all was so pixeelated, that i couldn´t even read how many coins i had....
well, getting all clear...

basic > 10/10
graphs> 10/10
music> 10/10
other aspects (it has medals x3!)> 20/10 lol

overall> 50/40 let´s see... that´s 5/4.... 1.25... this multiplied by 10... 12.5, well that the grade i give to this game (hey tom! can i put this grade! x3) ok so, 10/10 5* and fav+ you shouls make a squel, like the guy below me said, when jason returns from pilgrimage, or another guy alters the laws of phisics so he goes after jason, and manages to get "unpixeled" in the pilgrimage.... that´s a good idea for a comic... *writes it down*
wel awesome game, make a sequel plz, and keep sup the wood work

F. kirby-rambo