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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

Well Done!

Well, even though the graphics get bad around the end, I know that it was an intended effect, and I really loved it. While most people would misconceive this as bad animation, or a technical error, I understand that it is an art effect, and it was used very well.

Animation / Graphics - I loved the animation and graphics, from the very beginning to the very end. It is clear that you are a very talented animator and flash designer, as the character models, and their running, jumping, and falling models are very well done and put together. I think you did an extremely good job making the characters less and less condensed as the player travels to the right.

Story - The story seemed simple enough, guy doesn't like living where he is living, so he goes off to the right. As time goes on, things seem to get weirder and weirder and less condensed. He likes this effect so he keeps on going until the game cannot potentially continue on getting less condensed, thus ending. Very well thought and put together.

Audio - The music in this animation plays a key role, as with motion to the right, it too degrades along with the graphics and animation. I think the song is very nice, and it fits in extremely well with the "Mario" like theme that you had going with this flash. Good job on making it, it was wonderful.

Overall - I loved this flash, and it is very well put together, though the game play does get slightly repetitive as time goes on, it is very nice, and deserves any award it is presented, as it really makes you think about animation and how it changes over the years. Good work, sir.


Why the hell would i want to play a mario clone with worst graphics and an annoying sound that u cannot mute?
This game is bad in every way possible...

What the?!

I though you played as jason, but you end up playing .';.'.;'.'. or whatever his name is

i played it 6 times and i love it

i just love how it depleats to big pixels


Loved it, made my eyes feel funny right there at the end.