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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

I get it, and I don't!

Is that a good thing?

Sweet game

So the game itself i like the artwork the game has and ontop of that i also like the gameplay. There is basic monsters and nice difficulty. The only downfall i found was the graphics. See the graphics are all blurry were it just gets quite eye hurting. Anyway

Graphics 4

Art 5

Gameplay 6

10/10 5/5

On the other hand...

In the abstract, we have found ourselves in overabundance of entertainment of the sort that strives against ideals of entertainment, towards, simply, proving a point... granted, sometimes this in itself is a form of entertainment, but comes at the price of the many over the sake of the few; abstaining from tried and true hallmarks of gaming such as complex storytelling, riveting gameplay, and overall immersion of the gamer into a zen-like state will more often send said point whizzing through the mental state of an individual. In our current age, "tried and true" undergoes constant evolution, and the platforming of yesteryear with its groundling foes that succumb to a strange but enchanting hero figure springing remarkably high into the atmosphere and descending upon the curious creatures, which then pancake upon our earth, exiting our plane of existence... has become stale, and unwelcome. Collecting items of monetary value, whilst true to our daily lives as an action we can identify with, must be accompanied by another familiar; Consumerism, the reward for gathering said collection of wealth.

love it

dangerosu really dosent get the meaning of this game its supposed to deplete to bad graphics as if u read the bored as it starts to do that it says ''it was getting hard to see'' i personally love this game


If you read the Artist's statement it really makes amazing sense. Even the boards in the game do too. You really can't sum up the games plot in a sentence or paragraph.

And for everyone that complains about the graphics. It's supposed to degrade as you go through the game. The billboards explain that point. It's something new and innovative to Jason in the game the thing he longed for his whole life.