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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

Mediocre, less, the review speaks its words.

This is pretty mediocre. The game moves slow, the person does really.
The controls are fine, but the concept lacks creativity. It seems like a mario-style game, collecting coins, jumping on platforms, and killing enemies. But mostly, this game is just there. There's nothing special about it, but it's not a bad bunch. The music isn't bad, just extensively boring after a while. The medals are nice, although I fear it is the only reason some people finish this game.
If there was more of a twist, say more enemies, or the character moved faster, with better, non-repetitive music, then it would stand out. I'm afraid to say right now all I can give this game is what it deserves: A just less than average score for a game that is just "Nothing too new or interesting" as the rating bar would say.


No Big Deal...
The music is boring ...
But the game is very creative

ow my head

thanks to you now i must take an aspirin for my headache
and thanks to you now i got a new medal

Only one thing I liked...

The one thing I liked in this game was his face when he jumps... that deserves a 3.


I really thought I was high for a while there.