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Reviews for "Pilgrimage"

I was told I can read the artist's statement if I was interested, it moved just a bit too fast and I had to reset it many times. I didn't even mind that it ended abruptly, but I don't appreciate my time being wasted with the non scrolling and reseting.

That artist statement made me lol.
Cool game too, everything felt right.

Amusing game

so notbad on this a small game yet alot to offer while playing the preloading screen was pretty neat as it forms the percentage of how much is left so i give you some creativity on that aspect of things, ok so the game is odd and funny the music was amusing, the controls on how he was jumping was kinda hard to deal with, the art was pretty good, i just didnt like how slow-motion it felt but i suppose that was the idea to make it somewhat hard, dont get me wrong its a fun game but can get anoying with how the game plays, anyways other then that this was notbad at all, The medals were pretty easy and basic but syill liked the game and had alot of fun with it.

make the controls more easy flowing on the actions of the character, and possibly change the music up abit.

fun game kinda odd at times.

I thought I was seeing things...

Then this signpost let me know the truth...I really enjoyed this game experience,and your artist statement is really deep...like a sinkhole of verbose dadaism...almost Joycean if I may say(without sounding pompous(which I am) )...I believe all the negative reviews are from folk that spent more time writing them then playing...

ummm kind of boring

the person should move faster