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Reviews for "NewbieScape 8"

lol Runescape

Most of those joke were a little bit boring, but I laughed a lot with the cow-Zezima xD
Good animation anyway

lol just like runescape

I liked the comedy and plot but the animation seriously lack except the dancing part

Math error

Are you stupid?!

Lopaxe responds:

Yes, I am

Average at best

+Good choice of music

+/- Basic smooth

-Unamusing humor given runescape connection
-VA's are pathetic

Average, but could use improvement.

2/5 (-0.5 deduction for really bad VA's)

Lopaxe responds:

Shall i put in more randomness into next episode? i'm finally buying a drawing pad and i will try using differend animating model, graphics should improve atleast slightly. Also, in next episode i will record some voices myself again, and i will try to ask friendsfrom very first episodes.

gathering information.... NOW!


Being a former Runescape player myself, it was sort of funny, but it wasn't very original or split-your-sides funny.