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Reviews for "NewbieScape 8"

Math error

Are you stupid?!

Lopaxe responds:

Yes, I am

Damn I just love the series

Damn it i just love the series! But it started to go downwards since part 6.2. If youre going to make a 9th part then plz make it the oldschool version you used to do.

Better than all the others except 1 and 2

Yay! Uve got ur touch back man it was funny!!! There are only some problems though... the scammer is the whole thing Imnotan00b is no longer in it ): but the end wuz funny cuz it was a cow!!! XD make a number 9 and Tomalo STFU thats allo u review about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U dont like anything but 1 watch 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the fuck xDDDDDDD

Oh gawd that part is really a great thing, i couldnt stop laughing at the end xD.

Awesome work! Really!

some improvent :P

heres something to inspire you: