Reviews for "inFAMOUS:Precinct Assault"


Game was quite good..but after like 5mins i got bored.
It's just not interesting like rest of those commercials games.


needs more levels and its kinda hard to understand the whole good or bad thing
but the guy below me,dont listen to him.he has to play the whole game to under stand the true quality of this game!!
and plus just because music makes him depressed doesnt mean he has to give u a bad review!!!!
and so what if theres no storyline to him, to me there is one...
and he most likly didnt even watch the cutscenes and just pressed the skip button!!
keep it up and u might make a game that can become LEGENDARY!!!!
oh yah... one more thing......if they cuss in the reviews then there just mad cause they cant beat it or they cant make a great game like this one!!!
10/10 best approved 2d copie of a real video game!!!


Great fun!

A great 2d platformer if I have ever seen one. I enjoyed how you incorporated elements from many different types of video game genres into this simple yet entertaining game. The variation of powers and enemies is enough to keep things interesting for the player, and the visuals as well as the sound effects fit perfectly, thus helping to immerse the player in the game.

I think it is wonderful that games like this come out based off of bigger games on the console. inFamous is a very popular game and it is always interesting to see different incarnations of your favorite games. This seems like it could be something that could come out for the PSP, really.

The only thing I could add would be to include more of a plot or storyline in the game so that the player feels like they are progressing more than just simply sidescrolling.

Great work! I hope that you continue to make games like this and we see more from you soon!

Cool Game

The arrow keys, space bar, and "X" are the only controls I think, but there are many things you can do...