Reviews for "inFAMOUS:Precinct Assault"

I got a bug you need to fix

Well once you run out of electricity and your on the shock wave power. If you press the arrow key and activate the power you start flying up and up and up till you let go.

kerb responds:

cheers mate. we'll take a look at that


good games i just wish i could play the real one lol 11


Really nice game, graphic ang gameplay are good!

Very well done, but quite difficult.

This is a very well constructed and polished game, and it's definitely worthy of being attached to the PS3 name, as far as flash games go. The physics engine is good, the character moves swiftly but realistically, and the graphics are very good, especially for a game this demanding on one's system. I particularly liked the game over screen graphics and music.

I do have a couple of gripes, however. The difficulty is a bit steep once you hit the second level. The way it's constructed, the level simply becomes a trial-and-error experience, falling blindly into water at every other turn. I would have held off from water obstacle courses that early in the game, since the player had only just been introduced to the mechanics and didn't have an opportunity to really experiment with weapons and advanced terrain navigation without having to worry about falling into pools of water that are everywhere.

Also, the enemies seem to react arbitrarily to my lightning strike. If I'm very close and I'm using the lightning bolt on them, I use it over and over on them with little to no effect. But when I step back, it kills them in 2-4 shots. Meanwhile, the electric shove attack (hopefully you know what I'm taking about) works close up and from a medium range, making the bolt seem unnecessary, since its range is only a bit better than the shove. Try either making the bolt have screen-wide range or the same damage from any distance.

Overall, this game was very good, even when compared to other professionally commissioned games. The difficulty held it back a bit, since I got kind of frustrated after about a dozen deaths in the second level. Still, I hope you make more games like this in the future.

kerb responds:

Great review mate. Some valid points there and definitely useful criticism for us to bear in mind.

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kerb responds:

is it as 'god' as your spelling?