Reviews for "inFAMOUS:Precinct Assault"

Can't wait for inFAMOUS 2!

Great flash game promotion for inFamous. Kerb, please make an inFamous 2 flash game! inFAMOUS 2 coming 2011.

the code

the code is 3662


this isn't on the front page yet?????

Same quest for both sides?

The controls are a bit stiff, but otherwise it's a quite good game. Too bad it's so short!
My only problem is that I have the same quest no matter what side I choose, however it fits only for the Good. When I'm bad, why do the raepers attack me? In fact why em I not a reaper mysalf? And why would I want to restart the power in the city if that's good for the citizens?

the game code

yeah where the heck is that code i have watched all the videos and still there aint any code anywhere

and the game could be bether because u take damage form just hovering forward and land

kerb responds:

What can I say, we have it on good authority from Sony that the power code is on the videos, you didn't hear from me but you'd wouldn't go far wrong by putting 3662 into that power code box....