Reviews for "Llama Adventure"


the best text related game i've ever played. it also made me laugh, and that's good

loved it

CANNOT beat level 7. i hear people talk about the penthouse level, but for the life of me i cant figure out how to get around the infinite loop. anyone PM me if they have any tips.


Excellent game. simple enough, yet still presents a challenge.
i noticed that there were some "glitches", such as saying your names is llama and that your favorite food it cassarole. appart from that, yeah.

i also broke the game. >_< the words "joey" and "muffin" dont act very friendly towards the game.

damn noisy cat.


It's over when I'm having fun. It's.. too easy, but not easy enough, lol. I like it, seriously. Makes me think for a while, haha. I hope there'll be more.. LLAMAS!


to said anything to a bot is so ffffuuuunnn

Very Cool

Wow great game