Reviews for "Llama Adventure"

great but

ending made me cry ;-;

NEVER type muffin!

Er, great, but HOW DO you STOP that loosey idiot if you type muffin?

Best game ever!

An amazing game, the commands are good, everything is good! (Actually great! :D)

Giving 9\10 because of the loop at the end, I was looking forward to an ending, but no matter! The game is great!!!!


The reason most times that commands stopped working was because they were upgraded to involve different keywords. Brilliantly done though I was disappointed by the loop ending. Still I applaud you. I'm trying to find the codes for the computer room though. Hope I can!

Keyboard game, really?

I was hoping this would be an adventure game of sorts. You know, where you were a llama and you went around and, I don't know, stepped on things llamas stepped on. I still think this was pretty fun to play. The biggest strength is that the graphics, while there are not many, are pretty impressive to look at. The sound and text and everything seemed to be fine too. I have just never been a fan of these kinds of games with nothing but typing, but there was definitley a good amount of effort put into it.