Reviews for "Llama Adventure"

Great game !

I really love it. It took me a long time and the walkthrough to figure out nothing was useful in the room with the lunchbox... xD There's something i must say : the 6th code you get with the 5 codes is completely useless, i checked the source of the game ! Well, this game will have frustrated me a lot for nothing xD but i love it anyway.

Epic :D

I effin love it, and I haven't even played 10 minutes of it yet. xD I almost peed my pants laughing when I typed in muffin!


Its amazing, until you type "muffin".


:/ Come on, I was expecting some explanation between the Penny/Cindy dog thing.

Loop was bad. Would've been 10/10

awesome... but

its awesome, but if you made pics so we can se what we does. its easy to get lost and confused only by text