Reviews for "Joe Goes to Lunch"


That's classic. I think you should work on Joe's voice a bit though, make it a bit more monotonous and lethargic (don't be scared of big words). He just doesn't sound cartoony enough. That was really good though, I used to watch a lot of JoeCartoon but frankly I forgot about it, SupaFly is classic, though.

LOL "Shaving my Balls"

I really like all the fly videos he does. Keep up the funny work. Haha "Ballz"

yay Superfly!!!!

A man Superfly makes everything better


one of the funniest things ive seen in awhile..


This is great humor. Fantastically written script, and very well animated. I loved this. Great job. Even the voice acting was legit. This is AAA comedy. loved it.