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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"


Interesting idea for a 2D platformer. The frame rate sucks though, it actually interferes with gameplay; the lag causes you to miss jumps, and then it starts pressuring you to unfreeze and you end up dying. That kind of thing doesn't make for fun and challenging gameplay, just challenging gameplay, thus leaving you not wanting to continue to play, especially in flash games.

Good job

This was a very well thought out game, well done.


The idea of stopping time is not original for a video game... However, a 2D platformer that utilizes this idea is unprecedented. This was very well done and a lot of fun. It does get choppy at times and like worm said, jumping on bullets can be frustrating. Overall though, great work!


This game is really fun. The interactive puzzles are innovative in the sense that you must think if the directions of the bullets and the best time to stop them. My only gripe is the game is choppy at times and it is frustrating to try to jump on a bullet while time is stopped.

Nice Job.

This is a very creative and fun game.