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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"

lag and twitchiness

controls were too responsive. i can't stand tapping right to have my guy fly to the right. makes jumping on bullets impossible.

also, time control is a fun game concept. jumping on bullets doesn't fit in at all. changing the direction of bullets is iffy at best. it makes no sense logically of course.

you'll probably respond saying time control doesn't make sense logically either. my response to that is "time control is the premise of your game. it makes no sense to attack that. only inconsistencies with the premise. i'll accept slowing down time, i don't accept you could change the direction bullets were going"

nuff said.

Excellent game.

Just needs a bit of tweaking in the framerate/lag, and the control responsiveness. otherwise this is perfect, and such an original concept! I totally dig it.

Typical Terminus

This game is successful and is a good time-puzzle platformer. And even though it is fun, there is a problem with the frame rate and since game requires you to jump on bullets, gliches during jump can easily be deadly.
I'm not done there, though. I would like to point out that text beginnings are not fun nor are they to inviting. Though it was not heavy text reading, it was still boring.
Personally, it feels unfinished. Like, you had planned to add more but decided to paste over it in the sake of time. I'm not trying to be upsetting, but couldn't gave some application to the real-time gameplay? Yes, it is a time based game, but come on. While you're not freezing time you do anything; you can't climb, you can't attack, you can't move crates, nothing. All you can do is wait for your meter to fill and get people to shoot at you.
I enjoyed it, and if not for the frame rate bug, it would be fun to play more. But the cronic frustating jumps (on bullets I may add) just made me give up on it.

Good luck on future projects and I hope you can aid these problems.


It was a very good game don't get me wrong, but the lag/framerate issues were terrible. I turned quality down to 'low' to see if that adressed the issue but alas it did not. never got very far because of it. Had a ton of potential however!


Thats 10 out of 10 Editor is great and everything too