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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"

awesome.. but...

.. the controls for catching the bullets and then aiming them at the enemy SUCK BIG TIME. They are the frustrating part that screwed up an otherwise 10+ game.

Still 9/10, 5/5.

Awesome work - just fix the controls - allow the keyboard arrow keys top be used for the arrow pointing and its golden in my opinion.

Great concept, lacking execution

I was killed one too many time by loose controls and dodgy clipping.

I had all but finished a level and I was building a pathway to the portal and a crate rubbed agains me the wrong way while time was frozen and I was thrown into the abyss.

I had already played the level four times and I wasn't about to play it again just to watch that happen again.

As said in the title, great concept, lacking execution. What you have here alone is a good start but needs some polish.

not too shabby

I like the idea and its kind of fun for a bit and you added a bit of storyline YAY!

Very Original

Made well, the ideas came out clear.

New ideas

great game
nice idea with the time control