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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"

The game freezes!! =(

When I began to enjoy it, cause' its really fun and original...FROZEN!!! (level 7 near of the target, upon the boxes), it seems to be some bug that you'll have to fix, without this I suppose that it has to be great... but I find it!! :P... better luck next time!!


Decent game!

i like the concept of stopping time for a limited time, umm... you should add more to the game .. it seems a bit easy and repetitive


its good but the mechanics are a little jumpy, fix that and it will be awsome.


i love how you can make your own levels , and fantastic gameplay!

awesome game

love the puzzle gameplay of it and killing enemys with there own bullets lol. could never figue out how to turn the arrows just sort of happened fo rme wihtout knowing how