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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"


Good concepts, but the controls seem a little off to me and the game kept freezing on level 7, I could still freeze time, but the guy just ran in place.

NIce one

Yeah it lags a little, but it is still a pretty good game.

It's okay

Gameplay sorta lags a little

i think this game is realy great but i belive the

but i belive the jumping controls could be better ii feel this way because while i played the hardest part was jumping on stuff and if i can control time with ease why am i haveing troubles jumping on a box but all in all a great gme keep it up

Interesting concept, but has bugs

I like the concept of this game, even though it's a bit too easy sometimes and the music isn't very good.
I think i fóund a bug on level 18: When I enter the room with the portal, I can't slip the mirror trough the entry, I quess the parameters are set too thin to get it trough...Or maybe I just suck and don't see the solution :D