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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"

Stats would be nice..

I do hope that if you make a sequel we get stats for the tempus, health, speed, and so on..

It would help tweak the game up a bit! ^.^


It was okay. Only problem was that the jump controls were a little screwy. It was difficult to jump on various objects.

nice and challanging

i like how put a lot of challanges in here and mad it classic-like. but make it a little less challenging lol. GJ

Step into my TARDIS...

...and prepare for your review!

I didn't finish the game, mostly because of a few teething troubles. I know you're suppose to upgrade your system if a game seems slow, but it IS just a side-scroller and I had it on low quality. Since I'm running a DSL, that may mean software trouble on your end. Look into that.

Getting to the nitty-gritty of the game, I found it fun to mess around with time, screwing with my enemy. I can only imagine the faces of my gun-toting foe if he found out he was shooting his pals in the back of the neck. That much makes the game good and fun, good enough to be a nine despite possible bugs and such. Given that, you should be pleased with yourself.


pretty good

I liked the game slowing down time was pretty good the only problem i had was jumping on bullets. For some reason i kept jumping over them mabye fix the jumping controls make it smoother but besides that good game...