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Reviews for "Tempus Terminus"


Love the physics but you gotta work at the part wich causes fun. The graphics and story are just plain... boring...

good concept, needs fine tuning

It's the physics man, the physics.

Liked the concept and the art direction.


When you jump it's a hard to land on anything Extremely sensitive

it ok.... .

it was fun at first but it got harder and moring but it was mostly good

Otherwise good game...

But the jumping is inaccurate and rather hard, more so if you have to land on a bullet. The character is too sensitive to your controls in mid air, so it takes several tries to land on objects.
The time stoppping mechanism is intresting, and is rather fun when there are enemies in levels.
However, the turrets are bit odd as they can target you even when you are behind walls, and keep shooting at you regardless of distance. Its just silly.