Reviews for "-Wonky Blues-"

In all honestly, only Waterflame can make something this good. Don't ever stop making music bro, it's a gift. Also, I love the chiptune songs you've been doing lately. Keep up the great work.

This remind me "Snake Rattle n' Roll" from NES ! Yeah ! Escape from the Big-foot ! :D I love this !

The melody! :D It's not so "blues" about 20 seconds into the song. sounds like swing-bit-brawl,pixelspace, an bitbobby.


i actually think its kinda uprising :3 but nice song :P

haha awesome! xD
i imagine cloud from final fantasy VII trying to catch a chocobo from the chocobo stable, but those birds always step aside when he wants to catch them xD. after some trys he gets angry and uses his sword in anger trying to get those fuckings birds. but instead of getting them, those chocobos make a counterattack and are picking on his head xD and at the end he just gives up. tahaha

you have a fucking great skill when it comes to video game music, just awesome!
quality: 2,5/2,5 (as expected!)
taste: 2,5/2,5 (too fucking funny xD)
stars: 5/5