Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


I enjoy collabs to begin with, but this was a truly inventive plan to organize and create a theme. I really enjoyed watching so many artists each create their own work, yet there was some consistency for certain sounds. The duck, for example, ends up being a running joke through the whole collab without having been planned. Also, I enjoy anyone using the Doom door sound effect simply because I have fond memories of the game. I would really love to see another sound effects collab, or whatever else you might have rolling around upstairs. Thank you for a fine submission!

Noodle responds:

This is a great review. Thank you so much!
I too loved how the duck kind of stuck throughout. Duck and eagle. It was one of the other all the time :)


it took me a while,
and then i noticed every movie used the same soundloop ^^
and then it made sense, and then i totaly enjoyed it ^^

good work!i!i!i!i!

Noodle responds:

I live in a lolhouse!


Very creative!

Noodle responds:

High five!

Graphic designer wannabe

I hope that I too am soon able to draw stuff like this...That would be cool!

Noodle responds:

I personally am not even that good.
But, some of the members definately have some serious talent here!


I love Marcy's piece, it's so funny and fitting. Some others were a little pointless, but for Marcy's, it's a 10

Noodle responds:

I like hearing different peoples favorites.
I find it silly that you pick Marcy's for making sense though. Haha.
I enjoy all parts equally