Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

this may have been alright, except the sounds suck

the sounds were just awful choices and i really just couldn't sit through hearing them so many times over. that aside, the flashes were just utterly devoid of quality or coherence, this really is about as bad as it gets. maybe an alright idea, but really bad execution when it gives you a headache.

Noodle responds:

Usually when you say "that aside" it means your going in a positive direction :(

I've had to listen to this half a million times while working and organizing it, and it never bothered me. I'm not sure why a handful of people said it gave them headaches?


wow that just kept reapiting over and over like wat?!?!?!?!?!?!?! no ofense but that sucked my eyes are bleeding

Noodle responds:

Wow. What a trash review. Haha.
Made me laugh

most of them sucked

they weren't imaginative almost all of them used a rubber ducky mykindofflash is the only one who tried and he actually didn't just have a person go alalalal or just have a rubber ducky he actually tried

Noodle responds:

His came out the most realistic for sure.
Everyone tried. The fact that everyone used the duck is just coincidence. I hate how everyone fixates on that. It just shows how 10 people working completely unaware of each other can acheive similar outcomes

humm... was good.

Well it was ok, nothing wrong with it but the same pattern over and over again.. So was kind of boring.

Thus i gusse thats what your title of your clip means i suppose.

Noodle responds:

How is it boring when it's different every time?
Some people....


did not like it more random stuff then anything

Noodle responds:

More feedback please?