Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


i have no idea wth is going on, and its the same sounds all the way through, starts to drive me crazy by the third time it goes around.

Noodle responds:

I'm guessing you only watched 3 parts.
Please, don't review if you can't even make an effort to watch the movie


i guess i just dont get it, but the same noises over and over again, with different drawings and stories that dont seem to make any sorta sense? thats not to exceptional for my opinion

Noodle responds:

It sounds like you do get it, you just didn't appreciate it

throughly annoiyed

by these FX now. Mykind of flash had the best one. the rest were more of the same thing.

Noodle responds:

Are you kidding?
None of them were even close to the same.

you canged it up a little

but you used the same sounds in almost the same order for most of these parts......the bird,the laugh, the slam,the groan, and the sqeak

Noodle responds:

In fact. Only 1 was made by me.
And they were in the same order EVERY time, on purpose.
Good thing you read through the author comments



Noodle responds:

You could mute it. But that would kinda defeat the purpose