Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"


Some clips were a lot more creative than others, but it was a nice little experiment with collabs. Overall an okay video.

Noodle responds:

It was all for fun, and the experiance was the best part :)

cool idea

taking the same sound effects in the same row for making a short story
great idea but...next time take better sounds x)

Noodle responds:

I didn't want to turn down sounds incase they were choosen for any specific reason.
I only turned down 2 because they were people talking


It's fun to see what all of you came up with. Although, most of you weren't imaginitive enough, to be fair. MyKindOfFlash did put the most work in his one, to make it all look good and fit in. And if I must be really honest, Rutger's looks plain embarrassing. It looks like he didn't even care. No offense, but I am just honest.

Noodle responds:

MyKindOfFlash was actually one of the first to hand in his part as well!
And Rutger did put work in. He's just one of the featured experimental artists in this piece, so it's not actually mean't to be as... realistic

It's a very interesting concept

but i think it's poorly executed. i mean, it's kinda interesting watching how each animator interpreted the sounds differently, but the animations are so nonsensical and random that it really defeats the purpose of even doing this

i liked the video, sortof

i noticed that the sounds looped... and that it was a file for sound effects that i heard awhile back, maybe a year ago or something, but its better than the videos i make in computer apps, so... 5 stars.
p.s.-please search for more sound files. Hope this is help full.

Noodle responds:

Well, the part about you finding this same sound file a year back is definately not true, because it was compiled for this collab especially, like 5 months ago.
And if you heard it, it is because you simply stumbled across it where we uploaded it to share with each other. It's not some common sound file used all the time