Reviews for "Did You Hear That?"

Really sweet

This has its own kind of artistic essence to it.
Although the sound clip got a bit redundant I thought it was cool to see how each of you guys interpreted it.
You did a really nice job on this men.

Noodle responds:

Doctor Pain, in da house!

Shame it got so many 0s

This was a great piece. I love the whole concept of it. :D granted, the aliens were a little overused, but otherwise great

Noodle responds:

I think all the space like noises resultedi aliens.
But I'm okay with that. Each part was still VERY different :)


you did what seems liek ur best and thats what matters :D

Noodle responds:

I disagree.
If you get 6th place in a race, trying isn't what matters! You're still a loser in the eyes of EVERYONE!

Just kidding. Thanks


I'm extremely impressed. Incredibly innovative!

It's a collage on the interpretation of sound!

Noodle responds:

I like your description :)

3 times wanted to cancel. xD annoying sounds..

that was freakin annoying :D lol.
but kinda neat.

Noodle responds:

Well I'm glad you didn't cancel. Haha.
Thanks for the 10